Backyard Hibachi Party with Rachel Wood

Hello! My name is Rachel Wood and I’m the mama/blogger behind @mrswoodtomotherhood! I’m passionate about party planning, photography, home decor, and my family and friends. I’ve always wanted to host a backyard party around our pool since we moved into our house! I wasn’t really sure where to begin until I heard about a local private hibachi chef that comes to your house. I heard so many great reviews I just knew this is what I wanted to do! Once we had our chef I knew I wanted to make the night as magical as possible and that meant looking into renting chairs, tables, linens, etc! I knew I wanted to work with A Classic Party Rental after I saw their work at past influencer gatherings! After looking at their various rental options from tables and chairs to silverware and linens, I knew they were the one-stop-shop for all my party planning needs. They were so wonderful and professional to work with! You have the option of having the rentals delivered for a small fee or you can pick up all your rentals from their warehouse! We chose to pick up all our rentals and it was seamless! They had everything ready to go! All we had to do was pull up and they loaded everything! All the dinnerware was packaged nicely so we didn’t have to worry about anything breaking! They make the whole process so simple. We were able to keep the rentals all weekend and return them on Monday. Returning the rentals was also just as seamless. I pulled up and they unloaded everything and I was on my way! A Classic Party Rental really took our party up a notch! We ended up renting classroom style tables which were absolutely perfect for a hibachi night (they are more narrow and only can seat people on one side), which worked perfectly for our space constraint and with our hibachi chef since we were sitting all around him and wouldn’t be able to sit on both sides anyways. Tan Hibachi Private Chef was who we used and he was fantastic! Planning a backyard dinner party doesn’t have to be complicated. In the past, I was worried about how we would be able to sit everyone in one space and have it look nice and cohesive. Once I realized you could rent small quantities from A Classic Party Rental and at a reasonable price I realized I could make all my party planning dreams a reality!

-Rachel Wood


Hibachi provided by @tanhibachiprivateparty




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