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A Tent seems pretty simple, right? Structure, fabric, anchorage – yet it can be complicated! A Classic Party Rental has 30 years of tenting experience so we can take the stress and worry away from you so you can enjoy the party! In order to prepare the correct quote for you, we will ask several questions – are you prepared? Review our Tent Questionnaire to find out – HERE


Frame Tents

Take a virtual tour of a 20′ x 30′ Frame Tent by clicking here! 

Frame tents are spacious and have flexible layout options as they do not have any center poles or obstructions. This provides an airy open interior. The framework is made of aluminum or steel pipes that support the fabric roof. This special fabric does not require stakes to keep the proper tension, allowing flexibility in the placement of the tent. For example, frame tents are a great option if you want to install the tent as close to a building, home or structure as possible. Frame tents are popular due to their versatility and reliability. Frame tents can be weighted with cement ballasts to safely secure the tent if staking is not an option. Due to costs, tent weighting is a good option only if you absolutely can not stake the tent.

Some advantages of a frame tent include:

1) more visibility inside a frame tent due to no center poles

2) more flexibility with the layout and floor plan and

3) a better option for ceremonies.


Pole Tents

Pole tents have been a staple in the event tent industry for years, providing simple, elegant design and the ability to adapt to any event, according to Anchor Industries (a renowned tent manufacturer). If you are hosting a larger event, we recommend a Pole or Century tent. Pole tents and Century tents are tensioned tents that are supported by stakes that are every 10’ around the perimeter of the tent. 40’ wide pole tents have a single row of center poles based on the size every 20’ down the middle of the tent. 60’ wide century pole tents have a double row of center poles based on the size every 30’ down the middle of the tent. This creates high peaks which adds to the overall aesthetics of the tent. Pole tents are staked into grass or asphalt and cannot be weighted. Pole tents are easier to set up than frame tents making them a more economical choice comparatively.

Some advantages of pole tents include

1) a more economical option

2) aesthetically pleasing due to the high peaks and

3) available in larger sizes.


ClearSpan Tents

(not clear top)

ClearSpan tents are the perfect solution for weather-tight events because they can withstand high winds, rain, and adverse weather conditions. It provides a permanent feel, making it ideal for long term installations. The aesthetics of a ClearSpan elevate your event to the next level. Advantages of ClearSpan tents include:

  • Great for long-term use
  • Unobstructed interior space usage
  • French doors
  • Hardwood floors
  • Climate controlled due to sliding wall system
  • Rafters can accommodate complex lighting, chandeliers and AV Systems
  • More interior options to choose from – liners which create a beautiful environment for high-end events
  • Creates a truly memorable event

If you are thinking about renting a tent for your upcoming event, we recommend inquiring with us as soon as possible. Tents are in high demand during the summer and fall and often book out months in advance. Call to speak with one of our experienced Tent Specialists for a customized quote!


Marquee Tents

Marquee tents are a perfect solution for walkways, festivals, brand marketing events, exhibits, conventions, and sporting events. Marquee tents can create a strong impact due to their simplicity. Our 9 x 10 marquees combined can create skinny, longer tents for tight spaces. These tents are available in 9’ and 12’ wide and can stretch out in 10’ increments.


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