Tent Safety & Codes

  1. Permits & Notifications
    In some cities, permits and/or notifications are required by law. In the City of Indianapolis, any temporary structure over 3,200 sq. feet requires a permit. Other cities, like Carmel, require a permit for any temporary structure on commercial property. The City of Lawrence requires a permit for any temporary structure – residential or commercial. This can pose a burden on you – the renter, that’s why A Classic will take care of this for you!

    Permits require submission of the Certificate of Flame & Resistance, a layout, diagram and site map.

  2. Fire Code & Safety Package
    A Fire Code Package will be provided by law depending on the square footage, residential or commercial and side walls / lighting. This is required by Indiana State Law. A Classic takes pride that we abide by the highest safety standards put in place.

  3. Safety Rules
    For a complete list, follow the link HERE. A few priority safety rules are as follows:  1) ensure the installation site is properly prepared 2) we highly discourage the use of weights 3) do not attempt to move or modify a tent or canopy and 4) do not permit the accumulation of precipitation on rented items and tent.

  4. Flame Resistance
    A copy of the Flame Resistance Certificate will be provided to the Fire Marshall per the permitting process. This can be obtained upon request of the renter.

  5. Cigarette Smoking
    Smoking is not permitted in tents, canopies, or membrane structures. No Smoking signs will be placed in tents over a certain square footage.

  6. Open Flames
    Open or exposed flame equipment such as cooking devices, gas or charcoal shall not be permitted or located within 10 feet of the tent while open to the public. Chapter 31 Fire Code, 3104.7

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