A Love Story by David Reilich

We were honored when David Reilich wanted to design our showroom again. David’s work is always uber classy with impeccable attention to detail, so we knew we were in for a treat! When David approached me about a same-sex marriage table settings concept, we were thrilled and couldn’t wait to see what he and David Strohmeyer, with the Empty Vase, had up their sleeves.

The Story of “When Harry Met Sal” by David Reilich Occasions
{A love story with very tasteful place settings}

The First Date
{Jack & Tom’s house, A blind date}

I met Sal five years ago at my friend Jack’s. He had just moved next door and Jack was trying to fix him up with one of his freinds. I fell for it and proceeded to fall for him. We bonded over a mutual love of art, literature and salted caramel gelato.

“The Son’s of Man” Engagement Party
{An homage to Belgian surrealist, Rene Magritte}

Four years later, on a trip to NY, I found myself down on one knee proposing to Sal in the middle of MoMA. So, finding a theme for our engagement party was a bit of a no-brainer. It had to involve art and since we both love Rene Magritte, we thought designing it around his painting “The Son of Man” was fitting and a good excuse to sport a bowler.

The Mother’s Lunch
{Set in the middle of the Butterfly House}

Fortunately for us, our mothers adore each other and were very excited about us finally setting a date. They knew they would have little say in the wedding plans, so they decided to throw us a luncheon the week before the big day, just so they could do it their way!

The Big Day
{Our Union}

Okay, I know it sounds corny, but we both wanted a white wedding. Not exactly traditional, but all white, none the less. To make it even cornier, we really wanted to dance to the “Impossible Dream” from “The Man of La Mancha.” Sal added gold windmills to the tables as a nod to the musical and his favorite book, Cervantes’ Don Quixote…I have to say, it was a pretty brilliant day.

The Morning After
{A Poolside Brunch at Jack & Tom’s}

Sal and I knew that we would need more time with our family and friends, so we planned for a brunch the next day. Jack and Tom offered to host, and covered their logia in boxwood and black and white striped linens. Very stylish, very fun. It was another great day and a fitting ending to a fabulous beginning…

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Design & Layout By David Reilich Occasions & The Empty Vase | Photography By Brian McGuckin | Special Thanks to Debra Maley

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