Pole Tent

Pole tents have been a staple in the event tent industry for years, providing simple, elegant design and the ability to adapt to any event, according to Anchor Industries (a renowned tent manufacturer). If you are hosting a larger event, we recommend a Pole or Century tent. Pole tents and Century tents are tensioned tents that are supported by stakes that are every 10’ around the perimeter of the tent. 40’ wide pole tents have a single row of center poles based on the size every 20’ down the middle of the tent.  60’ wide century pole tents have a double row of center poles based on the size every 30’ down the middle of the tent. This creates high peaks which adds to the overall aesthetics of the tent. Pole tents are staked into grass or asphalt and cannot be weighted. Pole tents are easier to set up than frame tents making them a more economical choice comparatively. 

Some advantages of pole tents include:

1) a more economical option

2) aesthetically pleasing due to the high peaks

3) available in larger sizes

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