Fall Wedding Themes: Rustic, Autumn & Country

Some helpful tips for planning a Fall wedding

By: Whitney Brand

The most crucial element to the planning process is choosing a location. One of the main perks to having a wedding in the Fall is the weather, not too hot, but also not too cold. However, the Fall is very unpredictable, considering rain or wind can pick up at any given moment. Therefore, locking down a location is the foundation on which you can build the perfect wedding.

It’s up to you whether or not you want a more formal classy appearance or a casual atmosphere. There are many different venues to cater to your given Fall theme, but the most popular, and my favorite, is a barn or old church setting that have been remodeled to be used as venues. Both examples are perfect for weddings in the fall because there are normally two designated areas- one being outside where it’s open or underneath a tent and the other inside the venue.

A wedding I attended last fall was in a barn, but there was also a tent set up outside the sliding barn doors. The ceremony itself took place outside in the grass. The tables and chairs were set up inside the barn, where all the main events of the wedding took place… dinner, cutting of the cake, etc. Also included inside, was a small area set aside for all the “first” dances. Then the tent set up outside the barn contained a dance floor and d.j. so the guests can feel free to get their groove on. I loved the arrangement this particular venue allowed because it created an inexpensive way to plan a beautiful, fun Fall wedding.

Below are the three popular themes: rustic, Autumn and country. Each theme offers different ideas and examples to help ensure every bride’s dream for a Fall wedding come true.

A rustic theme includes a lot of browns and oranges in an upscale manner. Locations that provide for a rustic theme are barns or old and worn down venues; both are perfect because they cater to the theme, while still remaining classy. Gold accents all throughout suit rustic themes well, from the china, to the flowers, finishing with the centerpieces. Lastly, a gold, orange, or brown work well as the linen colors.

Autumn makes for a beautiful Fall wedding theme because of the colors that are incorporated. All of the different reds, oranges, yellows, greens, and browns that appear on the leaves throughout the fall season are gorgeous and provide numerous color schemes for a bride to mix match. For table variances, mix-matching linen throughout tables is a unique idea and will add character. Almost any color a bride chooses for her linens, mahagony chaivari chairs will finish the look . A good tip for a centerpiece are vases with leaves or floating candles within and in some cases, even mini trees can flow well as centerpieces adding height to your tables.

A country wedding in Fall enhances an all-natural appearance by using a neutral color scheme. Incorporating varied neutral colored flowers, sticks in the center pieces, and freshly cut grass gives a wedding a perfect backdrop. Also, using lanterns along the aisles or dispensing them from the ceiling are both clever ways to brighten the decor. As for centerpieces, cowboy boots or hats, can give the wedding a casual western theme. Many brides will decide on the use of mason jars as the glassware, which can work as a centerpiece as well. Taking designated pictures within a country atmosphere is a great way of making your theme something physical you can treasure for a life time. Lastly, the flower girls or ring bearers riding down the aisle in a decorated wagon will be something guests will LOVE.

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