5 Tips For Planning A Corporate Event


Events play an important role in a company’s marketing strategy. Whether you are planning your company’s annual fundraiser, holiday party, or training session, A Classic has a few planning tips to help you along the way.

  1. Identify your goals and set your budget.

Ask yourself what the company is trying to accomplish with this event.  Are you trying to raise funds? Launch a new product? Educate employees? Setting goals for your event will help you decide how to allocate your budget. If you do not already have a budget in place, now is the time to put together a proposal. Once a budget is established, you can start planning.

  1. Make a plan.

Once you have locked in your vendors I recommend scheduling an on-site walk through with your team. Walk through every aspect of the event from set up to break down. Take notes, make a list, delegate tasks, and assign deadlines. Divide and conquer!

  1. Make a Plan B.

Murphy’s Law: anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. This is not always the case, but with the many details that go into events, there is always a chance for a hiccup or two. Be prepared for the unexpected and have contingency plans in place for the things that may go wrong. For example, if your event is outdoors, have a solid plan in place in case the weather is not cooperating.

  1. Make it social.

Events are a great way to harness your company’s social media presence before, during, and after the event. Examples include:

  • Creating a custom hashtag or SnapChat filter for the event
  • Providing a digital photo booth that incorporates the hashtag and your company logo
  • Live streaming your social media feed for guests that have checked into the venue or utilized the event hashtag
  • Posting photos on the company’s Facebook page or blog after the event
  1. Be creative.

Corporate events do not always have to be so corporate. Think outside the box to create a fun and engaging event. Do your research on event trends and ask your vendors for suggestions. Whatever it is, your attendees will get more out of the event when creative measures are taken.

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  1. zain ul abedeen

    wonderful article… It Describes everything about the planing of an event.. from start to end this article helps for an the whole event management.

  2. olvr 200

    Thank you for sharing this information. It was useful and interesting.

  3. Katie Wilson

    Thanks for all of these tips on how to find a good party planner. It makes sense to do as you say and set your goals and budgets before you even start planning. I’m trying to plan an event and want to start looking for things like tables and chairs. Before I do, I’ll have to remember your advice about finding out about my budget first.

  4. Steele Honda

    Thanks for pointing out that setting goals for your event will help you decide how to allocate your budget. I think that having a goal for your event would also be a good way for you decide on party rentals and what you wanted for that. I also think it would be good because you could help prepare your employees or whoever was going so they knew what kind of even they were going into.

  5. Digitalmajeed

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