5 Table and Chair Rental Tips | Indianapolis

Renting tables and chairs seems like a an easy thoughtless process, right? How difficult could it be to rent tables and chairs?? Here are a few questions I would ask you if you called, stating you needed to rent tables and chairs: 1) What type of event are you having? 2) How many people are you expecting? 3) What is on the menu? 4) We have about 15 chair rental options, have you browsed through our website to see which chair you prefer? 5) Do you want rectangular or round tables? 6) How many people do you want to sit at each table? I think you get my point.

Here are a 5 table and chair rental tips to ease the process:

1) Designate someone to be in charge of the rental process. When several people are involved it can be confusing for all parties. Someone needs to be responsible for renting, payment, and either the delivery and/or pick up of the items. If you are renting tables and chairs for a venue, make sure you know who will be on site to receive and count your items.

2) Know all of your options. All items are pictured and priced on our website (aclassicpartyrental.com) OR you can stop by our showroom any time to see all of our items. Sometimes it helps to test the chairs and see the actual size of the tables.

3) Be a savvy shopper. If you only need 20 white folding chairs and a 3′ round cocktail table, it doesn’t make sense to have the rentals delivered for $80.00. You can pick up and return to our location for no additional cost. We’ll even load and unload your vehicle for you!

4) If your event is at a venue, know the restrictions for drop off and pick up. A typical delivery is the day before your event and the pick up is the day after or Monday, if your event is Saturday. A Classic works closely with most venues in Indianapolis, but the more prepared you are, the smoother the process will be.

5) Will you need table cloths? Most rental tables are unfinished and will need some sort of covering, whether it is plastic or polyester. Table cloths start range from $7.00 to $30.00, so be sure to research online or again, stop by our showroom to see the variety of options available to you.

Hope these simple tips help you prepare for your next rental!


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