Rental Table Styles and Choices

Table designs by David Reilich.

Table seating arrangements is an important element to consider when planning your wedding or event. Not only do you need to choose the shape (round, square, or rectangular), you will have to decide how many people you would like to seat at each table.

Square Tables– Square tables work well as accent tables for larger events and weddings. If you have more than 15 round tables, using square tables will help to break the room up and allow you to design a slightly different look for those tables. Check out the Indiana Roof Ballroom’s Wedding Photo Gallery to see how square tables can add an extra dimension to a large room and layout.

Round Tables– Round tables come in several different sizes: 30 in., 3 ft., 4 ft., 5 ft. and 6 ft. Five foot rounds are popular because they can accommodate up to 10 guests maximizing space in your venue and let’s face it, less tables means less centerpieces, which equals less money! Also, the size is manageable from a function standpoint. You can speak to everyone at the table, whereas the six foot rounds are so large that you can only talk to the people next to you.

I would recommend the 3 ft. and 4 ft. tables for cocktail parties or smaller events at a residence.

Rectangular/Banquet Tables– Banquet rental tables are most popular for outdoor events and less formal occasions like reunions and festivals. You can seat up to 10 people at an 8′ banquet table allowing you to maximize space. Rectangular tables are also more popular than ever before at weddings. Brides are attracted to a casual, family style setting, making banquet tables a perfect choice.

There is not a right or wrong when choosing your rental tables, but you must consider your space size, budget, and style of event.

Good Luck!

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