Vintage Wedding Idea | Real Indianapolis Wedding


After spending countless hours looking through wedding blogs, real wedding photos, and attending about 7 weddings this year, I truly believe the only way to create a memorable wedding is to focus on the details. Otherwise, it is just another ho hum wedding… and who would want that?! It does not cost too much money, maybe time, but not money. After all, your guest will be dedicating an entire day to your wedding, plus money for a gift, not to mention having possibly attended the shower, bachelorette, and/or engagement party.

Start with the ceremony, guests notice the details like walking down the aisle to a modern song rather than the traditional wedding march. Or, using an alternative to a ring pillow, like this vintage ring bearer box (pictured) is an awesome example of how a little bit of money and few hours hunting through antiques will leave you with just one more detail that your guests are sure to notice.

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