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We had the pleasure of having our spring 2016 showroom designed by Lauren Hayden and Tamara Sinden of Staged Events! This multi talented duo specializes in event and residential design in the Indianapolis area. We love their attention to detail from the mini Patron bottles for the Mexican themed wedding to the personalized beer brackets for the craft beer tasting table. Get to know the brains of Staged Events in our exclusive interview below!

Chung: Let’s start at the very beginning. Tell us how Staged Events came to be.

Staged Events: We honestly started very slow.  We met while volunteering for events at our kid’s school.  People kept telling us for years that we should start our own business and we’d just laugh it off.  After MANY requests, we finally accepted our first official job and Staged Events was born.

Chung: Where did you find inspiration for your showroom tablescapes?

Staged Events: We find inspiration from local current events and then we try to make them shine.  The 100th running of the Indianapolis 500 is a HUGE deal- race parties will be taking place everywhere so we wanted to highlight this momentous event.

Indy’s craft beer scene is thriving and growing by the minute so we think beer tasting events are going to be very popular. It’s easy to host a party with a Brew Bracket Kit. As for the Mexican wedding theme, we just LOVE

Chung: What is your favorite part about event design and why?

Staged Events: Our favorite part of event design is being able to “think outside the box”.  We enjoy planning events with nontraditional themes and use unique items to decorate with.  A race car nose as a centerpiece? Yes, please!

Chung: What is the most important thing you have learned over the course of starting and running your own successful business?

Staged Events: Creative inspiration doesn’t typically come during a specific time each day. To succeed, you sometimes need to let the 9-5 mentality go, and allow yourself to work when you feel most inspired. There will be days you can’t sleep because you’re so excited about what’s happening in your business. There will also be days you can’t wait to get to bed because everything that could have gone wrong, did. During that cycle, you will experience a crazy range of emotions. Never make business decisions during those emotional times. Learn to ride the ups and downs and embrace the life you’ve chosen to live.

Chung: What trends do you forecast for 2016?

Staged Events: Unconventional centerpieces, signature cocktails, practical party favors, brunch, photo session parties, cooking class parties, specialty venues, vintage (will always be fabulous), candlesticks make a comeback, and BIG balloons with untraditional strings…we could go on forever but we’ll stop here.  Happy decorating!!!

A huge thank you to Lauren and Tamara for designing an incredibly inspiring spring showroom and to Rachel Richard Photography for capturing it!


Chung | Event Specialist & Social Media Coordinator for A Classic Party Rental

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