Wedding Rental Chairs and Chair Covers


When planning your wedding or any event, one of the many items on your to do list will be to pick out seating for your guests. Who knew there would be so many options? Not only are there several options, but the prices will vary greatly, so it’s important to consider seating when planning your budget. Your options for rental chairs are below (if your event is in Indianapolis or surrounding areas).

1) Chair Covers: Chair covers are a classic and affordable option for any event and can easily turn any venue into an ideal spot for your wedding. With a sash of any color or fabric, your options are endless! A Classic’s newest chair cover option is Satin (available in white or ivory) and a sash is not needed.

2) Chiavari Chairs: Chiavari chairs are typically considered the most formal seating option for events. At A Classic Party Rental, we offer the widest variety of colors, including: mahogany, silver, gold, black, white and clear (our newest color!). A wide variety of cushion colors are available as well and included in the rental price.

3) Folding Chairs: Folding chairs are the most affordable chair option and can be dressed up with a sash for only $1.25. There are 6 folding options available: bone, black and white samsonite, a black or white resin, or a natural stain wooden folding chair. The prices range from $1.25 for the beige samsonite to $3.50 to the black resin. The most popular option is the white wedding folding chair for $3.50. However, with the recent shabby chic craze, the natural stain folding chair has been in high demand!

As you consider all your options, think about what will fit into your budget and how the chair will work with the overall theme and design of your wedding.

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  1. Party rentals

    Folding chairs are considered because they tend to save a lot of space, they’re versatile and they can be easily transported from one place to another. Options such as metal, steel, wooden, and plastic are great choices. The convenience of such chair makes it a popular choice plus the variety of seat covers that you can use.

  2. Monica Miller

    In looking for rental chairs, it’s necessary to also consider the comfort. Make it sure that you and your guests will be comfortable especially if the event is quite longer.

  3. Chair Rentals

    Chairs are one of the most important elements of wedding decoration. Seating we choose make the occasion appealing. Not only chairs even the covers and how we decorate the them makes a big difference. So, one should be very careful, while choosing the chairs for wedding.

  4. BBJ

    When any occasion arises, it is always to make the best of everything, to present a well planned event and so it goes with family gathering, weddings, birthdays, or any event to have, and with this is to match and provide chairs, table linens, the cutlery, so it is better to rent out as all is already laid out and match to that event.

  5. Felicia Fair

    I need to rent 20 black chair covers

  6. Ron Booker

    I like that you said that you can cover your chairs with a chair venue for a more professional look. One of my friends’s it’s having an event and he said that he might need to rent the equipment for it. I’m going to ask him if he wants to rent any design in specific.


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