Engagement Photos: 11 Locations in Indy Perfect for Any Bride

Happy New Year and congratulations to all the couples who got engaged over the holiday! The question was popped and you said yes, what now? Before you begin planning the wedding of your dreams, there is a crucial step every couple must complete- take your engagement photos! Finding the best location for your engagement photos can be tricky, so we asked 11 local photographers to share their favorite location with us. From unexpected locations like an old warehouse to historic Indiana landmarks, we think any bride will be able to find the perfect location for her engagement photos. We hope you enjoy this resource as much as we do. Which is your favorite location? Tell us in the comments section below!

“I’d have to say Cataract Falls is my favorite spot for engagement photos in Indiana (so far). I shot there twice in 2017. Once was for an engagement session. I loved it so much that I recommended it for a proposal spot (that I documented about a month later). There is a lot of diversity in the area. You get waterfalls of course, but also forests, fields, and rocky river scenes. I’m all about playing in nature and getting a bit dirty in the process. This area provided me with those types of opportunities! There are several campgrounds nearby, so it could be fun to make a weekend of it with your photographer/friends. This image was taken in early September. Jake + Allison met my husband Jim and I in southern Indiana for some adventurous photos. I actually had never been to Cataract Falls before this day. When I heard there was a decent-sized waterfall in this area, I made sure to bring a couple for a fun time in nature. This is one of my all-time favorite images!” – Emily Hary



“You’re engaged and now it’s time to start thinking about your engagement photos. This is your chance as a couple to snuggle up and work the camera, and it should be fun and exciting for a number of reasons. First, you’re celebrating your engagement and announcing it to the world. Second, this shoot is going to help you get comfortable in front of the camera for your wedding day. And finally, it’s an important time for you to get to know your wedding photographer. The goal for my engagement sessions is to capture the chemistry and story of my couples.  I’ve shot at parks, urban settings, in homes, and on campuses all over the Indy area.  So, when Rebecca came to me with the idea of visiting a Lantern Festival, all I could think was, What is more romantic than an evening under the stars?  We are fortunate here in Indy to have a lot of events, fairs and festivals that could be colorful and fun backdrops for an engagement shoot. We always start at a park, orchard or “safe spot”…but some of the best engagement sessions I’ve captured are the ones who take a risk and go all-in for a spot that’s truly unique.” – Ashley Wittmer



“Decorated with glistening marble, sparkling gilded mirrors, and pink as far as the eye can see, the French-inspired Cake Bake Shop is the absolutely perfect location for sophisticated engagement photos. I love giving couples an activity to do during engagement sessions, as I always find it creates the most natural images, and what bride-to-be wouldn’t want to sip champagne and share a slice of cake with her beloved?” – Molly Carr



“The Indianapolis Museum of Art is one of my favorite locations to shoot engagement portraits in Indianapolis. The many gardens that surround the estate’s mansion bring colorful beauty to accent the rich history of the Lilly House. The landscape and architecture are reminiscent of European design, which I love to incorporate into my images. From one end of the museum to the other you can create a diverse portfolio of romantic gardens and historical features that will remain timeless for years to come. The IMA (Newfields) truly has it all if you are looking for an elegant location to showcase the beauty of a couple in love.” – Chloe Luka



“We love Lockerbie! The cobblestone street is perfect for dancing under a canopy of gorgeous trees and the cute homes + fun picket fences make for a such a fun backdrop. Oh, and we can’t forget the little alleys that look like nothing fancy, but always make for some of our favorite spots!” – Emily Layne, Owner + Photographer, Ivan & Louise



“I tend to not shoot at the same place twice for engagements. I’m constantly scouting and trying to use different spots. My favorites are all shot in hidden areas or old warehouses in Indy.” – Mallory, Owner + Photographer, Stereoscope Photography 



“We love photographing by the Library downtown for so many reasons; beautiful architecture thats provides a neutral backdrop, along with plenty of greenery from the surrounding green space. This gives our photos a clean & organic palette, without a distracting background and keeps the focus on our couples.” – Jackie Phillips


“Wilderness photos are incredibly popular in wedding photography right now. Unfortunately in Indiana we don’t have mountaintops with spectacular views, but we do have a few hidden gems around here. One of my favorites is Eagle Creek State Park. With acres of forest that overlook a large lake, you can have the wilderness look without traveling to Colorado for your photos. I recommend starting at the Ornithology Center and head south toward the lake. This area has some of the best views.” – Jennifer Van Elk




“There are a lot of places we love to shoot in Indianapolis, but we thought we’d share somewhere a bit unique– Matter Park in Marion, Indiana. After years of neglect, Matter Park is regaining its past glory and now includes a “Proven Winners Signature Garden.” When we arrived for Chance and Kaitlin’s engagement session this August, we were dumbfounded. The gardens were at peak bloom and gorgeous. With shade structures, benches, and over 7,000 annual plants, it has quickly become one of our favorite places to shoot in late summer!” – Traci Falder



“I really love capturing Indianapolis couples along the canal. There are many are so many iconic views of the city that can be used as backdrops. Not to mention there are some unique textures, greenery, water, and art that can also be incorporated into their session.” – Stacy Able



“My favorite spot in Indiana to take engagement photos is Laurel Hall in Broad Ripple. This beautiful historic building has fantastic outdoor and indoor areas for photos, meaning you don’t have to worry about weather on the day of your engagement session. It’s also perfect for a couple looking for a wide variety of backdrops all within one location. Here’s an example of my favorite room in the building. All those windows are amazing for using natural light.” – Michelle Rakotomalala, Owner + Photographer, Rakoteet Photography




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