5 Ways to Go Green at Your Wedding

It’s never been easier to Go Green when planning your wedding. With the never ending slew of new technology and a computers literally in the palm of our hands, brides and event planners have so many resources available to help plan a green wedding or event. Here are 5 easy tips to keep your wedding eco-friendly. The earth will thank you.


1. Venue: Stay local to save on fuel and decrease your guest’s carbon footprint. Carbon footprint is defined as “the total sets of greenhouse gas emissions caused by an organization, event, product or person.”  By choosing a local venue instead of a destination, you’re making a difference. Click here if your interested in learning more about decreasing your carbon footprint.

2. Food: Choose a caterer who can source locally. Shipping burns fuel. A 5-pound package shipped by air across the country creates 12 pounds of CO2 (yikes!). Choose more veggies or chicken instead of beef.  Beef has the highest emission of any meat. Don’t waste the extra food (mom was right!). According to Carbonfund.org, about a quarter of all food prepared annually in the U.S. is wasted producing methane in landfills as well as carbon emissions from transporting wasted food. Check with local food banks and pantries to what their policies are on prepared and unprepared food. Visit Second Helpings website to learn more.

3. Rent Everything: Renting is reusing at its core. Instead of using paper products, rent linen, china, flatware and glassware to totally eliminate any waste. Contrary to what most believe, renting can be less expensive than paper products. Now you’re going easy on your wallet and the earth (selfie high five).

4. Invitations: Go digital. Enough said. This completely eliminates waste and shows your guests you care about the environment which will encourage them to make good choices as well. Paperless Post is my favorite digital invitation source, but here are few others to try: Green Envelope or Wedivite.  Some might say digital invitations are too casual for a wedding or are not elegant, I don’t completely disagree, so here are a few sources for 100% recycled paper invitations:  Crave Design or Forever Fiancés.

5. Favors: Give reusable favors like fresh herbs or spices. Guest love wedding favors that have meaning and are reusable (one of the 3 R’s hehe). A small pot of herbs or spices is a gift your loved one can continue to use long after every thank you note has been written, stamped and sent. Oh, and they’ll think of you and your spouse every time they use it! OR skip the favor all together (no one is judging you).



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