3 Tips for Hosting a Holiday Party


The holidays can be a stressful time of year. There are gifts to buy, gifts to wrap, parties to attend, cooking, planning… a never ending list of to-dos. If you are hosting this holiday season, follow these 3 holiday hosting tips to help make your party a success!

1) Rent the Tabletop: Renting china, stemware, flatware, and linens creates a cohesive style that will make your home and table setting look like you spent hours decorating. I like to compare it to throwing flour on yourself to pretend you spent hours pining in the kitchen (hehe). Renting the tabletop also means more room in your dishwasher for pots, pans, and other dishes. It’s easy, just scrape and rinse then put the rental items back in their crates and send them to the garage. No mess, no hassle, and you just impressed a room full of people with your beautiful table setting. After all, preparing a holiday meal often takes days and only minutes to eat. Why not dine in style after you spent so much time cooking and laboring over the meal?!

You will need to rent: silver band china and chargers, arco crystal cut stemware, Elexa Flatware, camel crush napkins, and mahogany chiavari chairs.

2) Keep it Simple: It’s easy to go overboard when preparing for the holidays and stress about the details that only you will notice. You can still impress your guests with simple, tasteful decor that will keep you stress-free. The middle table setting (pictured above) is basic white china and general glassware. The white linen napkin is tied with a ribbon and has a gift tag laid above it. Dim the lighting and add a votive candle and you’ve created a classy table with elegant ambiance.

You will need to rent: castle white china, general glassware, chateau flatware, white poly napkins, gold chiavari chairs, votive candles.

You will need to purchase: ribbon, gift tags, and small votive candles.

3) Offer a specialty drink: I’m all about easy if you haven’t noticed. Specialty drinks are a great way to add a bit of fun to any party. One, guests will have fun making the drink and two, people love drinking out of martini glasses, highballs, and even irish coffee mugs. If you have a crowd that enjoys alcoholic beverages, the highball glass (pictured to the right above) with a pom pom stir stick is festive! If you prefer a non-alcoholic specialty drink, try hot chocolate with toppings (whipped cream, chocolate shavings, and marshmallows) with a chocolate stick.

You will need to rent: Glassware (highballs, old fashions, Irish coffee mugs, or martini glasses)

You will need to purchase: Ingredients for chosen drink.

Cranberry Spice Cocktail Recipe: Follow the link for more specialty drink recipes!

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